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When your washing machine or dryer won’t start or keeps on leaking, don’t panic, simply let our team from Victoria Appliance Repair Services take it from there. Just turn off your washing machine and quickly call us over for expert diagnosis and repair.


Broken washer or dryer? we can help

Did you know that your washing machine is the culprit behind your lost socks saga? 

This is as real as it gets, there’s absolutely no one who knows how this happens. In fact, scientists have taken their time to investigate this matter. They’ve even come up with the Sock Loss Index to try and figure how and why your washing machine does this.

Now despite the allegations made against washing machines, there is no doubt on how important they are to us. Doing piles of dirty laundry certainly doesn’t sound like the best thing to do. But just like most appliances we have in our homes, we take it for granted. It’s until when it can’t work on your load that you give it the attention and care it deserves.

What if we told you how you can avoid spending so much money on repairs? Washing machines are appliances that were built to serve for around 14 years! We also provide maintenance services and advise our clients on how they should handle their washing machines and dryers so that they last that long.

Brands of washing machines and dryers we service and repair.

There’s no need to get worried that your washing machine and dryer will be excluded from our high-quality service. Our technicians are experts on just about any brand or type you might be having at home.

Common washing brands we repair.

  • LG
  • Samsung.
  • Kenmore.
  • Electrolux.
  • Haier.

And many others you can find out there in the market.

Common washer and dryer problems we can fix.

  • Noisy washing machines: This has to be one of the nuisances that get on the nerves of most owners. This is usually brought about by damaged tub bearings which have faulty seals that need to be replaced.
  • Load basket no longer spinning: We know that without the basket spinning then there is no work done. This is usually as a result of a faulty motor that needs to be quickly replaced so that you can go on with your life. A little tip from Victoria Appliance Repairs, this problem is usually caused by regularly overloading your washing machine.
  • Dryer not drying your laundry: This is really frustrating because apart from it not doing its job, it is also consuming electricity. A broken heating element is usually the cause for this, simply call or book an appointment with us and we’ll have it replaced in no time.
  • Dryer doesn’t turn on: When this happens, many owners start panicking thinking that their dryer is dead and they’ll have to buy a new one. What if we told you that we could bring it back to life? The cause for this is usually a faulty thermal fuse.

There’s no denying the fact that you have grown attached to your washing machine and dryer. After all, it is the machine responsible for making sure you always look smart. We at Victoria Appliance Repair, get you loud and clear and that is why we make sure that your washing machine and dryer is always in optimum condition.

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