Ever Wondered Why Your Appliances Fail Regularly?

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Appliance Advice

These days it has become a norm to have repairmen over at your house to fix an appliance. We are not saying that appliances should be perfect, but don’t we deserve to at least have a peace of mind? Having a repairman always coming over because everything in your house has come to a standstill might end up being costly.


Case studies have shown that at least 20% of newly purchased dishwashers fail within a period of 3 to 4 years after purchase, this is also the case with 25% of washers, and 32% of refrigerators. 


We at Victoria Repair Services, have done some research and found out some reasons why. Read on and you might end up saving hundreds of dollars in repairs.


1. Not doing repairs on time.


How many times have you noticed some slight problem with our appliance but chose to ignore it? Maybe your washer has recently gotten a little noisy or the refrigerator isn’t keeping cool as it should. These issues might seem minor but most of the time end up costing you a lot of money in repairs.


You need to understand that appliances are made up of parts that work together in a system. If one part fails, then it might spell problems to other parts causing the whole system to crash.


This is why we recommend that you always call out to your repairman when you feel that something is wrong with your appliance.


2. Doing repairs by yourself.


We appreciate you for taking the effort to learn more about your appliance and desiring to fix it by yourself. While this might seem like a good idea at first, it might end up doing more damage to your appliance.


You are free to try and fix simple problems such as squeaky refrigerator doors but we’d suggest you leave most of it in the hands of experts. After all, YouTube videos and online manuals will never replace years of professional experience.


This is because, in as much as you might end up temporarily fixing one thing, you will end up damaging another. From there on, it will just be one problem after another. Save yourself this headache and let us have a look.


3. Purchase of low-quality appliances.


Most consumers keep complaining that manufacturers don’t make appliances as they used to. While this may be true, most of them have opted for cheaper brands in the name of saving money.


You need to be aware that the market is flooded with appliances from all sorts of manufacturers, some of whom are just out to make money and don’t at all care about their customers’ experience. These are the appliances that are made with low-quality parts that keep on breaking down time and again.


Well, known brands might be slightly costly but their appliances are definitely worth buying in the long run.


Taking time to go through your options might be all you need to do to save on future costs.


  • Take time to ask around and get suggestions from friends and family.
  • Before you purchase a product, head to the review section and see what other buyers are saying about the product.


Appliances are investments you don’t want to make mistakes in.


4. Appliance misuse.


Manufacturers have always made sure their appliances are accompanied with user manuals. But few of us ever go through them. Most of us just toss them aside and in the process miss out on vital information concerning how we should use our appliances.


For example, how many times have you overloaded your washer or left the refrigerator door open over long periods of time? These simple mistakes, over time, can cause major breakdowns in your appliance. Too many clothes and you will cause the washers’ motor to fail. Leave the refrigerator door open will cause problems to the cooling system.


5. Not doing frequent appliance servicing.


You don’t have to wait until your oven blows up in fumes to call the repairmen. Extend the same care you give your cars to your appliances. Servicing your appliances just once a year might save you so much in repairs that you’ll be amazed.


Call over a trusted repairman to come and check on the condition of your washer, oven, and refrigerator. He will come and see whether or not you’ve been using your appliance as you should. After all, some advice is cheaper than having to buy spare parts in the future.


Call us today at Victoria Appliance Repair Services and we’ll send over one of our repairmen to do a diagnosis on your appliance. It will help you stay clear of unnecessary repair costs in future.


6. Not knowing when to go for a new appliance.


Appliances get old and can’t serve well after a specific number of years. Sometimes they just get broken beyond repair. If you keep on repairing them after this happens, then you are just throwing your money away.


Unfortunately, there are some unprofessional repair service companies that continue to give you false hope so that they can drain your money. This is why it’s very important that you get yourself a trusted repair service that will honestly tell you when the time has come to buy a new appliance.


In fact, we’d recommend that you consider buying a new one once the repairing costs have surpassed half the price of your appliance.


At Victoria Appliance Repair Services, we know and advise when we see that the time has come. In fact, we don’t just break the news to you and leave, instead, we give you some recommendations of brands we feel will be the best replacements.


7. Not cleaning after them.


It might sound like something so trivial but making sure your appliances remain clean is very important. They keep us clean but we also ought to return the favour. And this isn’t just about ensuring they look good, it’s necessary for their maintenance as well.


  • Make the effort of regularly dusting your appliances. Dust harms and destroys circuits.
  • Food particles left in microwaves might end up causing problems with the plate motor.
  • Always keep moisture away from electrical circuits. This is not only mandatory for the safety of your appliances, but also for your well-being as well.


8. Not hiring the right repair services.


Of late, the repair business venture has attracted so many investors. However, most of them are just in it for money. Such repairmen with hidden motives end up doing partial repairs with the intention of regularly milking money from their clients.


Here at Victoria Appliance Repair Services, we have the mission of ensuring that we deliver high-quality services and at affordable prices.


Call us today and we’ll have our team of expert repairmen at your door.

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