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I see Victoria BC as heaven. Am talking about the beautiful scenery marked with 18th Century English Architecture, cozy restaurants, and fine cafes, the best climate in all of Canada, and of course the notoriously breathtaking beaches that surround the island.

Am hoping that must have been enough to convince you to agree with me on the fact that Victoria is the best place to not only live but also take a vacation in. But what if you are the kind of person that loves to go on adventures but still makes it home by sunset? Don’t worry this little article will show you the best day trips from Victoria BC. You definitely don’t have to worry about getting tied down.

In fact, one of the things that makes Victoria BC irresistible is the fact that you can easily access many other hotspots on Vancouver Island. You have the choice of traveling by road, ferry, or you can decide to go airborne, whatever works for you.

I understand that we are all different, some of us describe the best day trips from victoria bs as going to a new place laying down, and just relaxing. Others enjoy the thrill of engaging in some outdoor sport or getting soaked in their sweat as they climb a cliff. It doesn’t matter I’ve got all you covered.

Here is a list of some of the destinations you can go to categorized according to your interests.

1. Wine lovers.

Some of us just want to go around tasting various different wines out there. Don’t worry I understand you have needs and believe that they have to be met. As mentioned earlier Victoria BC has one of the best climates perfect for growing vineyards producing quality grapes year in year out.

Just a short distance from Victoria, around the Saanich Peninsula and Cowichan Valley you’ll find many wineries operating there. No one will stop you from registering for a guided wine tour so that you can get to call shotgun and just take in the beautiful scenery on your way there.

2. Historians.

These destinations are for those who believe that the past still has something to offer them. They love basking in the beauty of the old and ancient. You can start your day trips from victoria bc learning about the rich history of Vancouver Island. The best places for this is Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard lighthouse located about 10 Km from downtown Victoria.

Fort Rodd Hill is packed with arsenals of rifles and gun magazines that can be dated back to the 1890s. Right next to it you might also want to visit some of the barracks and buildings that housed the ancient armed forces.

Fisgard Lighthouse stands tall as the oldest lighthouse west of the island. It was built way back in 1860 to help with the sea’s navigation.

From there, you can find your way to Hartley Park which is about a 25-minute drive from downtown Victoria. A man is known as Hartley once lived in this 56.5 acre home. It was built by the then British Columbia Governor, Jasen Dunsmore in 1906. Its design was somehow similar to that of the Scottish Baronial buildings. You’ll also get the chance to walk in the gardens and farmlands that once belonged to the big rich man.

3. The Naturals.

I mentioned earlier that Victoria BC has a little bit of English culture as far as architecture is concerned. This city of Victoria as seen was even named after the Queen of England. But did you also know that the area is also endowed with ancient plant life? If you’d like to experience this then I’d recommend you take a day trip from victoria bc to Cathedral Grove. It’s only about a 2.5-hour drive from Victoria city center.

As you walk around, you will get to feels nature’s touch especially because of the Douglas fir ecosystem that keeps everything balanced. Here you will find ancient trees that are still living well over the 800-year mark, with some having a diameter of 9 meters! You can also decide to go into the very old Cathedral Grove and feel just how ancient worship and praise must have been like.

Another day trip destination you might be interested in is Witty’s Lagoon. It’s only about a 30-minute drive from downtown Victoria. You can choose to slowly walk on the boardwalks and trails as you take in all of nature’s splendor. This trail will take you through Douglas fir forest and finally onto the large sandy beach. This whole journey should take you no less than two hours as you cover the 5 km trail. Look up and you might see some of the 160+ species of birds that have made Witty’s lagoon their home. Look down into the ocean waters and you’ll see some seals having a good time.

4. Beach lovers.

These destinations are for those who would rather spend their day trips feeling the soft sand between their toes or taking refreshing dives in cool waters during summer seasons. You have so many beaches to choose from should you decide to go for day trips from Victoria BC. It’s important for you to also note that lakes here are warmer than oceans.

You only need about 20 minutes when driving from downtown Victoria to reach Thetis Lake. Surrounded by green forest life, it is one fine clear blue lake. For many locals and tourists, this is one of the best cooling spots in the summer. Far from the main beach is a quiet lakeside you can go to just in case you need to spend some quality time alone. For the adrenaline-driven, you can try out cliff jumping.

Cadboro Beach Bay is also another beach you might consider visiting. It’s just about 5 minutes from the University of Victoria. If you have time you can go keep Cadborosaurous company, this is a huge sculptor of a sea serpent that locals believed lived in the waters nearby.

As of now, all I can say is that Victoria BC is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Feel free to come by and choose from the many day-trip destinations you can go to from Victoria BC.

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