Creative Uses For Old Refrigerators

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Appliance Advice

There comes a time where repairs no longer do the job and you are stuck with a refrigerator that constantly breaks down. This usually happens when your refrigerator has served you past the 10-year mark, and to be sincere, it’s old. As your trusted technicians we come clean and tell you that it’s now time you buy yourself a new one. But what about the old lady? Does it mean that you now say your goodbyes and part ways, or are there creative uses for your old refrigerator that would turn it into a work of art?


There are a ton of ways you can recycle it and still use it for the greater good. If you consider what am just about to tell you, then you might end up with something that people will always compliment you for. Who doesn’t love compliments? Keep them coming I say!


1. The Fridge Couch.


Now before you get all skeptical wondering who would compliment you for sitting on a horizontally laid refrigerator, please understand that this isn’t what I meant. You have to get your creative juices flowing my friend! With some minor adjustments here and there, your refrigerator might get that promotion into the sitting room.


What minor adjustments am I talking about? You can try to combine and fit together the fridge with a leather coach just as the famous designer Adrian Johnson did. History has it that the designer was going through stuff in a junkyard looking for the next piece for his project. He then came across a fine red leather seat belonging to the BMW 325e Coupe, he liked it and decided to set it aside and place it on an old refrigerator lying close by.


No one knows whether or not he found what he was looking for, but as he was leaving he noticed that the leather seat and the old refrigerator made a perfect couple and thus, the Fridge Couch was invented. Some later added some wheels to it to make it more movable, others even attached a reading lamp at the side.


Nowadays you can order for one of these online. But why should you when you can give yourself the privilege of making one. Not only will it be fun but you’ll also have something to be proud of.


2. A House for your little pouch.


This section is for all dog people in the house. If you love your dog so much then why not get your bundle of joy a new house? You might be asking “How? Even Bill Gates hasn’t done that yet.” I agree that if we take that line of thought then it might end up being a very costly affair. But what if I told you can make your dog a fully ‘furnished apartment’ using your old refrigerator.


If you are again skeptical about this then you might want to have a look at the original design that was done by Y-Town studio in Shanghai.


It’s actually very easy to do this. First, start off by taking everything out of your refrigerator so that you left only with the empty fridge and freezer compartments. Slide in a fluffy pillow and warm blankets in the fridge compartment where your dog would sleep. You thereafter take some water and food and put it in the freezer compartment so that your dog doesn’t spill water and end up soiling his or her beddings. Some have even gone the extra mile and attached some wheels just to make it movable. Some artful designs and colours wouldn’t also be bad.


Now I know I didn’t talk about you making your dog a bathroom and toilet. But I think we both agree that your dog needs some time with nature. Just let the little guy take care of its business out there.


3. The Secret Fridge Door.


What if I told you that you could have your very own secret base of operations? With this little creative trick right here you’ll be able to do just that. Have a look at this coca-cola design by Alberto Caiola in Shanghai. Just imagine you excusing yourself to the kitchen only to disappear into your secret base with no trace. How cool is that?!


It’s actually very simple, just rip off your refrigerator’s door and fit it perfectly well to your room’s entrance. You might want to make sure that it’s always locked. That way no one will ever know that there’s something behind it.


See somebody reaching in claiming to want a soda? Just tell the person that the refrigerator doesn’t work anymore and the door got stuck.


It’s about time you finally live your dream of being your neighbourhood’s James Bond.


4. The Fridge Wine Cellar.


I have a little something for all wine lovers in the house. Here is a way you can make yourself a wine cellar that will help you store your precious bottles of wine. It’s simple but still very stylish. All it needs is an old refrigerator and some carpentry work.


Not only do you get to make yourself something nice to look at, but you also get to help reduce pollution and save Mother Nature.


This design was first made by a Recycled Art member who transformed an old 1950’s fridge into a wine cellar. He simply made the shelves using pallet wood and painted the inside green. Voila! A masterpiece!


5. Cooler box.


Why not steal the spotlight in next summer’s party by recycling your old refrigerator and turning it into a cooler box. After all, it was meant to keep things cold, wasn’t it? Then why would it fail to preserve some ice cubes?


All you need is an old refrigerator and some woodwork skills to get this done. First, start off by covering all sides of the refrigerator with some wooden planks just to make it more appealing to the eye. You might also want to attach some wheels and handles just to make it a little bit portable.

6. Restore it

There is something nostalgic to said for having a vintage fridge in your home. Custom pice that would surely be a conversation starter. Not just in the kitchen but retro or vintage fridges would be a great addition to a studio, garage, man cave or any creative possibility. You can hire a local appliance repair company such as Victoria Appliance Repair to help make your fridge restoration a success.  

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