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Who wouldn’t want to relax on the sandy beach and feel the warm sunshine while tuning to the rhythmic sound of the ocean waves? No one! We know this and that why we would like to give our best suggestions for some of the amazing beaches you should visit in Victoria BC. In fact, these are the best picks in all of Canada.

Whether you prefer sandy, rocky, or pebbly beaches, it doesn’t matter. You have a fairly large number of options you can choose from. After all, Victoria BC is an island, what more would you expect?

When we are talking about beaches found here please note these aren’t the typical Hawaiian or Caribbean beaches you are so much used to. Nevertheless, they do have their own unique way of building chemistry with you that will keep you coming back for more.

Just before I begin with this list, I’d first like to inform you that lakes here in Victoria BC are warmer compared to the Pacific Ocean waters. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean there is anything stopping you from kayaking, swimming, surfing, or snorkeling in the summer seasons.

1. Gonzales Beach.

Now, this is one of the two best beaches you can find around here. All the way from the grey soft sand to the really cool ocean waters that would provide you with the best spot to cool off during the warm summers.

Right next to its shores are some residential houses belonging to beach-minded folks like you. And if you are wondering if there are public washrooms? Yes, you don’t have to worry about that. As you lay on the shores you will get the chance to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Olympic Mountains extending themselves across the Juan de Fuca Strait.

As a matter of fact, Gonzales beach is actually a family beach where you’ll also get the chance to meet up and interact with other Victorian families. There’s a fine picnic area right next to it covered with some grass and trees for shade. You’ll also find some picnic tables where you and your family can spend some happy quality time together. In case your kids get tired of sitting they can also choose to get busy building sandcastles.

If you are the kind that loves reading or writing books as you let nature stimulate your creative juices, then am sure you’ll be able to find yourself a quiet spot. No need to worry about partying teens because they have their own spot where they can scream and play their loud music.

Love engaging yourself in some outdoor activities? You can choose to do some paddleboarding or kayaking. But this isn’t all, you also get to enjoy an oceanic treat of seeing seals, jumping fish, overhead sea birds, and starfish on the coral rocks as they too embrace nature’s gift.

2. Willows Beach.

Together with Gonzales beach, Willows Beach stands one of the top two amazing sandy beaches you should visit in Victoria BC. The shore is covered by soft sand giving you the best feeling between your toes should you decide to go about barefooted.

Geographically speaking, Willows beach is larger compared to Gonzales beach. Picnic lovers will love the nearby extensive grassy area covered with a few shady trees. Just below this area as you head out to the sandy shores, you will find some logs that provide you with the best backrest as you chill and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Its shallow waters are warm enough for you to take a dive in and blow some summer steam. You can also let your kids tag along since the water’s edge is shallow and safe enough to allow them to splash and swim about. If you are a hardcore SUP fan, there’s a nearby rental service where you can rent a board and keep the fun going.

3. Cordova Bay Beach.

This is the spot for hot sensational photoshoot sessions. Many locals and tourists agree that it can’t possibly get any more beautiful than Cordova Bay Beach.

How accessible is it? It’s just about a 15-minute drive from downtown Victoria to this sand and pebble-covered beach.

It’s a public beach meaning that you free to walk about its spectacular shores at any time of the year.

Are you thinking that am over exaggerating here? Let me tell you, if I might put it well, I’d say that it’s just like those romantic beaches you see in movies. If this wasn’t the case then what about the many weddings that are held here? Just think of it, the perfect warm weather and breathtaking scenery might be all you need to walk down the aisle barefooted and say your happily-ever-after vows. Nearby beach houses could also serve as the perfect reception venues.

You might also decide to spend your time here as newlyweds for your honeymoon. Late afternoons can be spent enjoying your cocktails or dinner as you dip your toes into the water. Nature will also reward your union by giving you the best full moon scenery you’ve ever seen. I promise it’s going to be magical laying in each other’s arms as you watch the moonlight on the wavy ocean waters.

4. Gyro Beach.

This amazing sandy beach is located near Cadboro Bay Village. Gyro beach is the best if you’re intention is to take your kids on the best beach vacation. If you don’t believe me then what about the royal family that came to have a good time back in 2016? Yes, William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge saw this as the best spot for them and their children, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte.

Your kids will get to enjoy a wide range of facilities right from the swings, slides, to the giant red octopus in the children’s playground. In addition to that, there’s also a large grassy picnic area where you sit back and relax after playing in the sun.

For your older kids, they can enjoy some SUPPING. They can either carry their own boards or rent some from the Gyro Beach Board Shop just a block away from the shore.

These are but some of the premium beaches we think would make your life or vacation memorable. Why not come over and treat yourself to some of the most amazing features Victoria BC has to offer.

Remember that you only live once.

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