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We Care Customer Care

In a market flooded with repair companies that don’t deliver as they should, we saw your need for high-quality workmanship at affordable prices.

All we want to do is ensure that your appliances are treated with the care they deserve. We want to be the appliance repair company you can trust your home with.

At Victoria Appliance Repair Services, we don’t see ourselves as just repairmen. We understand how serious it is for you to allow us to come into your house. It’s our aim, therefore, to repay this level of trust by ensuring that we provide you with satisfactory services.

Our Story

About Victoria Appliance Repair

We want to do more than just fixing your appliances, we want to make sure they last. Studies have shown that appliances should function for at least 10 years. It’s time you claimed your right. Once we have diagnosed your appliance, we fix the problem once and for all so that never again will you have to spend money and time on recurrent repairs.

Our response time is among the best in the industry. Once you’ve called us to book an appointment, you only have to wait around 1-2 hours and we’ll be at your doorstep. This makes us the best repair service to call when you have an appliance emergency. We have our team on standby day and night just for you.

Here at Victoria Appliance Repair Services, it’s more than just the tools and technical know-how. Our team is courteous and sincerely want to help ensure that activities in your home run smoothly so that you can have your peace of mind.

Our services also come with a repair warranty. This is just in case your appliance breaks down with the same problem after we’ve fixed it. We come over and fix it without charging you anything. That’s how dedicated we are at ensuring you save on money that is used up in appliance repairs.

Our Values.


We work to provide you with nothing less than the best service. We always keep our promises. In addition to that, we want to also build a close long-term professional relationship with you.


There are no hidden or surprise costs when you choose to do business with us. We do everything out in the open to provide you with value for money services. You can also count on our feedback and recommendations to be true.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Honestly and integrity is what we live by.

One-Stop Shop

We are experts at appliance repair. We have been industry leaders for years and have seen it all.

Fair Consultation

We will never repair an appliance that is not worth repairing. Sometimes things are just to involved and you could be better finding a replacement.