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Welcome to Victoria Appliance! Let’s face it, repairs can be costly. That is why we want to help you save money and time on your appliance repair in Victoria. We intend to do this by providing you with expert repairmen who work to ensure that your appliance is repaired once and for all.

Our appliance service team understands the value of having reliable appliances in your home. We know that once an appliance fails, then everything comes to a standstill. This means getting stuck with unclean dishes, piles of dirty laundry, and a dust-coated house. 

 We decided to make it our responsibility to ensure that your oven, fridge, microwave, and washer remains in perfect condition. 

 If you are interested in incredibly affordable appliance repair services, give us a call today and we’ll come to you. 



Fridge Repair

Is your fridge keeping cool as it should? Don’t settle for warm drinks on a hot day! Allow us to have these issues sorted out for you. 

  • Noisy refrigerators. 
  • Faulty ice makers. 
  • Faulty refrigerator doors. 
  • Water leaks. 
  • Cooling system failures.

Microwave Repair

Tired of cold pizza? Call us today and we’ll get you the right repairman to restore your microwave to its former glory.

  • Heating problems. 
  • Buttons failure. 
  • Problems with the rotating plate. 
  • Frequent sparking inside the microwave. 
  • Microwave light bulb failure.

Electric Oven Repair

Did you know your oven should serve you well for at least 13 years? Call us today and let us help you ensure it lasts that long. 

  • Ovens that don’t heat up. 
  • Ovens not heating up at the right temperature. 
  • Ovens that don’t cook food evenly. 
  • Faulty oven doors. 

Gas Oven Repair

Are you smelling an unpleasant gas in your home? There’s nothing as annoying as an igniter that doesn’t work. Let our team come fix it and we’ll help you get cooking again. 

  • Gas leaks. 
  • Oven igniter failures. 
  • Burner failures. 
  • Faulty oven doors. 

Washer / Dryer Repair

Do you really enjoy doing piles of laundry when there’s a washer in the house? With just a push of a button, you can have repairmen over to fix it. 

  • Faulty doors. 
  • Noisy washers. 
  • Failure to perform automatic switchovers. 
  • Leaking washers. 

Dishwasher Repair

You wouldn’t want your guests to be met by partially cleaned plates, it’s embarrassing. Call a repairman and he’ll have your dishwasher working as it should.

  • Noisy dishwashers. 
  • Leaking dishwashers. 
  • Faulty doors.
  • Problems with water drainage.
  • Dishwashers not filling up. 



Appliances seem to fail when we need them most. You could be experiencing one of these situations right now. Your washer breaks with all your work cloths in it, just before leaving for work. Or your stove quits while you are cooking for a dinner party. We have all been there and understand your situation.  Schedule our friendly appliance service team to diagnosis your problems.

let us get you back on track

What do you do when your appliance fails? Where to go for appliance service in Victoria and the surrounding areas? What if your washing machine can’t start and you’ve got a job interview the following day? It’s shocking just how important to us these appliances are, but we always take them for granted. After they’ve failed is usually when we give them the care they deserve. But don’t be too hard on yourself, we some times get busy and life moves too fast. That is why we, at Victoria Appliance have taken up the responsibility of ensuring that your microwave, oven, washer, and refrigerator stays in perfect condition. 

Unlike other appliance repair service, we have pledged to be by your side all the way. We also believe that you can still get high-quality workmanship at incredibly affordable prices. Just request a appliance service and we’ll come over, and in no time attend to your machiene. 

You don’t have to spend so much money on you repair service. In fact, some of the problems your appliance has had could have been avoided if only you paid attention.

What did you do the time your washer became a little noisy, or when your fridge wasn’t keeping cool as it should? Most of us just decide to ignore it and go on with our lives despite feeling that something was wrong somewhere.

Appliances are made up of parts that work together to form a system that gets work done. If one part fails then the whole system crashes. This is why you should call us and have us come do a diagnosis. After all, a little bit of advice is better than spending hundreds in the future. 

call for appliance repair

We understand that sometimes appliances fail and there is just no time to waste. Maybe you just stocked up your fridge and could stand losing a fortune in spoilt food. We treat all your cases, with the urgency they deserve.

Once we’ve completed our call or appointment, you just have to wait for 1-2 hours before we arrive at your doorstep. And that’s not all we can do to avoid wasting time your time, our appliance repair service always makes sure that your appliance is up and running in just one visit. However, there are times when not everything can be fixed on the first visit. When this happens, we don’t charge for the second one.

Appliance Repair Tech

Did you know that every appliance in your house should serve you for at least 10 years? It’s sad to think that we always have to spend a lot of money on buying new ones every 2-3 years. Not to mention how much you’ll have to spend in between just to make sure they reach the 2-year mark.

At, Victoria Appliance Repair Services, we believe that it is high time you claimed your right! We don’t just repair, but also give you pro tips on how you can prolong your appliance’s life expectancy. We tell you when there is something you are not doing right and how you can make it better.

Washing machines could easily be one of the most important appliances in your home. Should yours crash, who knows just how stressed out you would be. Am pretty sure that the thought of doing piles of dirty laundry doesn’t seem like a pleasant one. You would be forced to spend so much money not only on repairs but also paying for cleaning services.

Luckily, washing machines are among the strongest appliances in our homes. They are built to last for years and still do their job well. But this isn’t always the case, sometimes they malfunction and fail. It could be a result of low maintenance or just long-term usage.

We thought that it would be good for you to at least know some of these problems. That way you’ll know when to seek our help.

1.Water leaks.

This has to be the most common problem out there. Having puddles of water all over your house isn’t a good sight. Not to mention the fact that it might be dangerous as well, someone might slip and fall, and it is also hazardous with electronics around.

Here are some of the things that cause this to happen:

  • There might be an issue with the drain hose. In this case, leaking comes about when the washer is spinning and it’s full of water beyond the required amount.
  • Space in the water inlet valve. This space gives way to water which then ends up on your floor. To fix, this you’ll need to have it cleaned off any particles, and maybe even replaced.
  • Sometimes the problem lies with the fill hose. You can call over a repairman and have it checked. The hose or its washer might need replacements.

2. Noisy washer.

No, a noisy washer isn’t something normal. You have to agree with me that it can be very annoying. In addition to that, it could be a sign of other serious problems with your washing machine.

Here are some of the noises and what they might be mean:

  • Clattering. When you hear this, it could mean that there is some foreign object in there. Maybe you left a coin in your pants and that is what is bringing about all the racket. Quickly stop the washer and pull it out, it might end up doing a lot of damage if left in there.
  • Gurgling: This means that there is something partially blocking the drain hose. Again, be quick to react and pull it out before it clogs the system and causes a major flood.

3. Washer won’t start.

When this happens you’ll definitely know there is something wrong. Don’t panic, that’s why Victoria Appliance Repair Services is here to help you fix it and restore it to optimal condition again. In this case, it might be serious or just a simple glitch.

  • Overheating motor. The washer’s motor will automatically stop when it becomes too hot. Expect it to happen once or twice when you overload it, but if it becomes an everyday thing then you might want to give us a call.
  • Faulty lid switch. This is a switch that makes sure the washer stops when the lid is open. It might have gotten spoilt, or maybe just stuck and all you need to do is touch it a bit.

For a full diagnosis contact us and find out more about our friendy appliance repair service.


I talked concerning the washer and thought it would only be fair if I followed it up with the refrigerator. We both know that unless we lived in the north pole, life would be difficult without it. Imagine just living on canned beans and dried fruits. The refrigerator is almost the most important appliance in the kitchen because nothing else can replace it.

Here at Victoria Appliance Repair Services, we know how busy you can get that you forget about it. That is why we have decided to step in and take over as you focus on other things in life. With the necessary skills and tools, we will ensure that it works as it should.

But just like all other appliances, it is bound to breakdown once in a while. We took the time to inform you of the problems that you are most likely to face.

1.Water leaks.

I can’t just fancy myself always mopping puddles of water next to my fridge. Am sure you wouldn’t like it either. Yet we still cope with this issue even when it can get fixed so easily.

This leaking is usually caused by two problems. One is that the defrost drain is blocked by food particles or other debris. When this happens, it means that once the ice in the fridge melts, it won’t have an outlet. This water then squeezes its way out of the refrigerator’s door and onto our floors.

Two, a frozen water supply. This means that water will not be able to flow freely. Water will then build up until the pipe won’t be able to hold it in. The pipe will then develop weak areas where water will then start leaking out.

2. Refrigerator cycling too much.

In case you didn’t know, this simply refers to the time when your refrigerator over works. If you’ve owned a fridge and paid the bill, then you should know that the fridge is easily one of the top power consumers you have. Now think of it working even more than it should. The bill skyrockets!

The cause of this is the build-up of debris around the condenser coils. This usually happens in dusty and slightly windy environments.

To fix this, simply just switch off your fridge, open it up at the back or front and you’ll find the condensers somewhere at the bottom. All you have to do is get a vacuum cleaner and suck the debris out. You can also use a brush to gently brush off the burnt debris on the condenser coils.

3. Too much ice in the freezer.

I know this one got you off guard but it’s a common problem. In as much as its the refrigerator’s job to keep cool, it’s only up to a certain degree.

This is usually brought about by leaving your refrigerator door open over long periods of time. Doing this increases the humidity inside the fridge which then freezes later.

The quick fix? Don’t leave your refrigerator door open.

It’s cool for you to actually take the time to learn more about your appliances and desire to fix them. Go ahead and fix the minor issues like squeaky refrigerator doors, but we do recommend you leave the rest to experts. After all, YouTube videos and articles will never replace professional experience.



“Excellent service! Arrived when they said they would and quickly found the problem with my LG washer. I would highly recommend these guys ” Gill Markson

“My dishwasher started spewing water all over the kitchen. Victoria Appliance showed up and quickly found a cracked hose fitting. Really friendly staff” Jane Gillard

“Honest repair service. They took a good look at my dryer and advised it would be best to find a replacement. They could have easily just charged me for the repair.” David White

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