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Welcome to Victoria Appliance Repair! Let’s face it, appliance servicing can be costly. That is why we want to help you save money and time on your appliance repair in Victoria BC. We intend to do this by providing you with expert repairmen who work to ensure that your appliance is repaired once and for all.

Our appliance repair team understands the value of having reliable appliances in your home. We know that once an appliance fails, then everything comes to a standstill. This means getting stuck with dirty dishes, piles of filthy laundry, or a freezer full of rotten food. 

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Appliances seem to fail when we need them most. You could be experiencing one of these situations right now. Your washer breaks with all your work clothes in it, just before leaving for work. Or your stove quits while you are cooking for a dinner party. We have all been there and understand your situation.  Schedule our friendly Victoria BC appliance service team to diagnosis your problems.

Appliance Service

Washer / Dryer Repair

Do you really enjoy doing piles of laundry when there’s a washer in the house? With just a push of a button, you can have repairmen over to fix it. 

  • Faulty doors. 
  • Noisy washers. 
  • Failure to perform automatic switchovers. 
  • Leaking washers. 

Dishwasher Repair

You wouldn’t want your guests to be met by partially cleaned plates, it’s embarrassing. Call a repairman and he’ll have your dishwasher working as it should.

  • Noisy dishwashers. 
  • Leaking dishwashers. 
  • Faulty doors.
  • Problems with water drainage.
  • Dishwashers not filling up.

Oven Repair

Did you know your oven should serve you well for at least 13 years? Call us today and let us help you ensure it lasts that long. 

  • Ovens that don’t heat up. 
  • Ovens not heating up at the right temperature. 
  • Ovens that don’t cook food evenly. 
  • Faulty oven doors. 

Gas Oven Repair

Are you smelling an unpleasant gas in your home? There’s nothing as annoying as an igniter that doesn’t work. Let our team come fix it and we’ll help you get cooking again. 

  • Gas leaks. 
  • Oven igniter failures. 
  • Burner failures. 
  • Faulty oven doors. 

Fridge / Freezer Repair

Is your fridge keeping cool as it should? Don’t settle for warm drinks on a hot day! Allow us to have these issues sorted out for you. 

  • Noisy refrigerators. 
  • Faulty ice makers. 
  • Faulty refrigerator doors. 
  • Water leaks. 
  • Cooling system failures.

Microwave Repair

Tired of cold pizza? Call us today and we’ll get you the right repairman to restore your microwave to its former glory.

  • Heating problems. 
  • Buttons failure. 
  • Problems with the rotating plate. 
  • Frequent sparking inside the microwave. 
  • Microwave light bulb failure.

Unlike other appliance repair service, we have pledged to be by your side all the way. We also believe that you can still get high-quality workmanship at incredibly affordable prices. Just request a appliance repair and we’ll come over, and in no time attend to your appliances. 

Want to trust your appliances with competent repairmen? Call Victoria Appliance and we’ll make sure each of them remains efficient. Our expert repair service will get you sorted!

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What Customers In Victoria Are Saying

Gill Markson


“Excellent service! Arrived when they said they would and quickly found the problem with my LG washer. I would highly recommend these guys for any appliance repair"

Jane Gillard


“My dishwasher started spewing water all over the kitchen. Victoria Appliance showed up and quickly found a cracked hose fitting. Really friendly staff”

David White


“Honest repair service. They took a good look at my dryer and advised it would be best to find a replacement. They could have easily just charged me for the repair"

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