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Struggling with a malfunctioning appliance? Trust our expert technicians in Victoria for prompt, reliable repairs at competitive rates, ensuring your home runs smoothly.

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A malfunctioning appliance can disrupt your daily routine. In Victoria, BC, professional appliance repair services are available to quickly restore order. Certified technicians are adept at fixing all major brands, ensuring your appliances are repaired efficiently and effectively.

Rely on our dependable ‘appliance repair Victoria’ service. Whether it’s washing machines that refuse to spin, dishwashers that won’t drain, or refrigerators that aren’t cooling, each issue is tackled with precision. Services cover a wide range of repairs, including microwaves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and fridges.

The commitment to service extends beyond just fixing appliances. It’s about building long-term relationships with residents in Victoria and surrounding communities such as Oak Bay, North Saanich, Central Saanich, Saanich East, and View Royal, ensuring a trustworthy team is ready to handle any appliance hiccup.

Don’t let a broken appliance slow you down. Swift, honest repair services are available to get your home back to full speed. From minor fixes to major overhauls, there’s support for all your appliance needs in Victoria.

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Appliance Services

Repair Services for All Appliance Makes and Models

Home appliances often break down at the most inconvenient times. Whether it’s a washer that stops working with your work clothes inside right before you head to the office, or a stove that quits as you’re preparing for a dinner party, our team understands the urgency and frustration. Our licensed technicians have years of experience and are skilled in repairing all makes and models of appliances.

We pride ourselves on delivering prompt and professional service across Victoria, BC. We can diagnose and fix issues with refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, washers, and more, ensuring your appliances operate smoothly. Our goal is to minimize your inconvenience by providing quick, effective repairs, allowing you to return to your daily routine without delay.

Choosing the right appliance repair service can seem daunting. We simplify the process for you. Contact us to schedule a visit from one of our friendly and skilled appliance technicians. Let us handle your appliance problems with ease and efficiency.

Washing Machine Repair Services

Experiencing issues with your washing machine? Whether it’s a stackable unit, a front loader, or a washer-dryer combo, our team is ready to help. No need to revert to manual washing when you can get it fixed with just a push of a button.

✅ Faulty doors.
✅ Noisy washers.
✅ Failure to perform automatic switchovers.
✅ Leaking washers.
✅ Repair washer components

Dishwasher Repair Services

Don’t let your guests encounter partially cleaned plates. If your dishwasher is acting up, we can make it operate smoothly again.

✅ Noisy dishwashers.
✅ Leaking dishwashers.
✅ Faulty doors.
✅ Problems with water drainage.
✅ Dishwashers not filling up.

Oven Repair Services

Your oven should reliably serve you for years. If it’s falling short, let us ensure it performs well for its full lifespan.

✅ Ovens that don’t heat up.
✅ Ovens not heating up at the right temperature.
✅ Ovens that don’t cook food evenly.
✅ Faulty oven doors.

Stove and Range Repair Services

If you smell gas or have an igniter that won’t spark, it’s time for a professional fix to ensure your cooking isn’t interrupted.

✅ Gas leaks.
✅ Oven igniter failures.
✅ Burner failures.
✅ Faulty oven doors.

Refrigerator Repair Services

Is your fridge failing to keep cool? Don’t let your drinks warm up—call us for efficient repairs.

✅ Noisy refrigerators.
✅ Faulty ice makers.
✅ Faulty refrigerator doors.
✅ Water leaks.
✅ Cooling system failures.

Microwave Repair

Don’t settle for cold meals. If your microwave isn’t heating properly or the plate won’t spin, we’re here to restore it to working condition.

✅ Heating problems.
✅ Buttons failure.
✅ Problems with the rotating plate.
✅ Frequent sparking inside the microwave.
✅ Microwave light bulb failure.

Techs Ready to React Promptly to Your Service Needs

If you’re seeking appliance repair in Victoria, BC, let us streamline the process for you. Our factory-certified technicians are prepared to respond quickly, ensuring your appliances are fixed without delay. We offer high-quality, affordable appliance repair, simplifying your experience and saving you the hassle of searching for a reliable technician.

Trust your appliances to our competent, factory-authorized repair team. With just a click, you can schedule a service, and we’ll dispatch a skilled technician to your home or business promptly. Our team is experienced in both home and commercial appliance repairs, covering everything from washing machines and dryers to refrigerators and stoves.

We specialize in repairing all common brands and models, ensuring that whether it’s a broken washer, a malfunctioning dishwasher, or a noisy fridge, our team can diagnose and fix the issue efficiently. We’re committed to providing a trustworthy and honest repair service throughout Victoria and the surrounding communities. Our company will fix or service an assortment of issues. So more common appliance repair jobs our company encompass are: Broken appliances, dishwasher repair, dryer repair, washer breaks, dishwasher issues, dryer issues, fridge issues, oven issues, freezer issues.

Happy Customers In Victoria BC

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction, long term relationship, happy clients for each and every appliance repair job we complete.


“My dishwasher started spewing water all over the kitchen. Victoria Appliance showed up and quickly found a cracked hose fitting. Really friendly staff”

Jane Gillard


“Honest repair service. They took a good look at my dryer and advised it would be best to find a replacement. They could have easily just charged me for the repair”

David White


“My dishwasher started spewing water all over the kitchen. Victoria Appliance showed up and quickly found a cracked hose fitting. Really friendly staff”

Jane Gillard


“Excellent service! Arrived when they said they would and quickly found the problem with my LG washer. I would highly recommend these guys for any appliance repair”

Gill Markson


Quality Appliance Repair Near You

We proudly serve a broad region, including Greater Victoria, BC, and the surrounding communities. Our service areas extend to Oak Bay, East Saanich, West Saanich, Central Saanich, North Saanich, Sidney BC, Victoria West, Esquimalt, View Royal, Colwood, Langford, Metchosin, and Highlands. Whether you’re in need of appliance repairs, part replacements, or maintenance services, our team is ready to assist you across these locations. Trust us to bring professional, reliable appliance repair solutions right to your doorstep.

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Appliance Service FAQs

Why Choose Professional Appliance Repair Over DIY?

When your home appliances break down, it might be tempting to attempt a DIY appliance repair. However, our professional solutions offer significant advantages that can save you time, money, and potential headaches. Here’s why you should consider professionals over DIY for appliance repairs in Victoria, BC and the surrounding communities:

Expertise and Experience

Professional techs are trained to handle a variety of appliance issues across all major brands and models. From complex refrigerator repairs to delicate microwave and oven fixes, they have the necessary skills to diagnose problems accurately and efficiently. Attempting to fix appliances without this expertise can lead to incorrect diagnoses, improperly resolved issues, and even further damage to your appliance.

Safety First

Appliances often break due to electrical or mechanical failures that can pose serious safety risks. Professional appliance repair team understand how to handle these hazards, whether it’s dealing with a leaking dishwasher, a gas leak in your stove, or faulty wiring in your dryer. DIY repairs without the right safety knowledge can result in accidents, including electrical shocks and gas leaks.

Tools and Parts

Professionals have access to the right tools and replacement parts needed to complete the job effectively. Whether it’s specialized tools for opening up a washer or manufacturer-recommended parts for your Whirlpool dishwasher, we are equipped to handle the task. DIY efforts often result in using incorrect or substandard parts that can further damage the appliance or reduce its operational efficiency.

Warranty and Longevity

Professional appliance repair companies such as ourselves, often offer warranties on their work. Which means if something goes wrong post-repair, they’ll handle it as part of the service guarantee. This assurance is seldom available with DIY appliance repairs. Moreover, professional handling can extend the life of your appliances, ensuring they operate optimally for longer.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While DIY might seem cheaper upfront, incorrect or incomplete repairs can lead to more costly issues down the line. Professionals ensure that the appliance repair is done right the first time, avoiding the costs associated with repeated issues or damage caused by improper handling.


Using a professional service means that you don’t have to spend your time troubleshooting, repairing, and sometimes failing to fix the problem, only to call in the professionals later. Companies in Victoria, Oak Bay, Central Saanich, North Saanich, and other areas provide timely a service that let you return to your daily routine without the added stress of a malfunctioning appliance.

Choosing a professional appliance repair service in Victoria, BC and its surroundings is not just about fixing problems—it’s about investing in reliable, safe, and long-lasting solutions for your valuable home appliances. Whether it’s a washer that breaks down, a noisy fridge, or a stove that needs attention, professional technicians ensure that your appliances are in the best hands, safeguarding your home and your investments.

DIY Appliance Care Tips to Avoid Costly Repairs in Victoria, BC

Maintaining your home appliances properly can significantly reduce the need for costly repairs. Here are some DIY care tips that can help keep your appliances in optimal condition, minimizing the chances of emergencies and reducing the frequency of needing professional appliance repair Victoria, BC.

Regular Cleaning

  • Refrigerators: Clean the coils every six months to ensure efficiency and prolong the lifespan of your unit.
  • Ovens and Stoves: Keep the interior and burners clean to prevent buildup that can affect performance.
  • Dishwashers: Clean the filter and inspect the spinning arms regularly to keep it running smoothly.
  • Washers and Dryers: Remove lint from the dryer after every cycle and check the washer for any residual detergent or fabric softener that could build up over time.

Inspect and Replace Seals and Hoses

  • Check the seals on your fridge and oven doors to make sure they are tight and not letting heat or cold escape, which could increase energy costs and strain the appliance.
  • Inspect hoses on dishwashers and your washing machine annually for any signs of wear or leaks and replace them as necessary to avoid water damage and potential appliance repair Victoria.

Be Mindful of Load Capacities

  • Avoid overloading your washers and dishwashers. Overloading can cause significant strain on motors, belts, and transmissions, potentially leading to an unwanted call for appliance repair Victoria.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for loading to ensure efficient cleaning and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Keep Vents Clear

  • Ensure that your dryer’s venting system is not clogged as this can lead to inefficiencies and possible fire hazards. Regularly check and clean the external vent to keep air flowing properly.
  • Similarly, keep any vents on your refrigerator or freezer unblocked to maintain proper air circulation.

Use Appliances for Their Intended Purposes

  • Using your appliances according to their intended purposes not only ensures they perform well but also reduces the risk of damage. For instance, avoid using the dishwasher for anything other than dishwasher-safe items to prevent damage to both the items and the appliance.

Listen for Unusual Noises

  • Unusual noises can be the first sign of a problem. If your appliance starts making strange sounds, it might be time to consult an appliance repair service in Victoria before your broken appliances worsen.

By following these simple DIY care tips, you can prolong the life of your appliances and avoid the need for frequent and costly appliance repairs in Victoria, BC. Regular maintenance not only keeps your appliances running efficiently but also helps you maintain a safe and functional home environment.

How long does a repair job take to complete?

The time required to complete an appliance repair depends on several factors, including the type of appliance, the specific problem, and the availability of parts. Simple repairs, such as replacing a broken belt or a faulty switch, can often be completed in under an hour. However, more complex issues that require ordering special parts may take a few days. For a more accurate estimate of your repair timeline, consult with a licensed and experienced Kelowna appliance repair technician. They can diagnose the issue and provide a timeline based on your unique situation.

How much will I pay for my repair service?

The cost of appliance repair in Victoria can vary based on several factors, including the type and brand of the appliance, the extent of the damage, and the cost of replacement parts. Ultimately, the price will depend on the specifics of your repair issue. To get an accurate estimate tailored to your situation, it’s best to schedule one of our technicians to diagnosis and trouble shoot your issue. We can then offer a fair estimate for the complete repair.

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